Grant Requests

Regional Charities

Association of Wetland Stewards for C & BS
The Association of Wetland Stewards for Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness and stewardship of wetland ecosystems
and their connections to surrounding lands and waters. We engage people to take care of local marshes, swamps, bogs, and surrounding forests - places that provide habitat for a diversity of fascinating plants and animals, including amphibians. We are best known for our efforts to protect frogs and salamanders from road mortality through our SPLAT (Society for the Prevention of Little Amphibian Tragedies) Project.
BC Conservation Foundation - WildSafeBC Program
WildSafeBC is a program of the British Columbia Conservation Foundation, a registered society and charity.
WildSafeBC is the provincial leader in preventing conflict with wildlife through collaboration, education, and community solutions. Our motto is "keeping wildlife wild and communities safe".
BC Humane Society
The CARE Network is the region’s animal rescue, shelter,
and now BC’s 1st non-profit, mobile vet clinic that helps over 1000 animals a year! We need the support of a compassionate network to save and improve lives - from cats & dogs to raccoons, pigeons, and deer. We are a small, nimble, and highly effective team that has been innovating animal rescuing at the end of the road for over 10 years!
Carving on the Edge Festival Society
The Carving on the Edge Festival Society celebrates traditional and contemporary carving and weaving arts. We offer something for everyone: from lovers of arts and culture to carvers and weavers of all skill levels.
Our mission is to inspire the growth of the traditional and contemporary coastal carving arts through celebration, education, and relationship-building.
Coastal Queer Alliance
Coastal Queer Alliance is a local non-profit organization committed to creating resources, augmenting
representation, and facilitating collaborative opportunities for the queer community.
Food Bank on the Edge
The Food Bank on the Edge Society is a group of dedicated
volunteers who work to address food insecurity on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Pacific Rim Arts Society
Since 1970, Pacific Rim Arts Society's (PRAS) goal has
been to contribute meaningfully to the happy healthy local west coast communities, by bringing people together through arts and culture.
Pacific Rim Hospice Society
Pacific Rim Hospice Society is a registered Canadian
charity operating since 1994. We provide compassionate care, support, and counseling for individuals across the lifespan and their families facing life-threatening illness, injury, death, and bereavement.
Raincoast Education Society
The RES was established in August 2000 with a mission to
help shape an environmentally sustainable future for the Clayoquot and Barkley Sound region through education and community stewardship. Our aim is to enable citizens within and beyond the Clayoquot and Barkley Sound region to participate knowledgeably, effectively, and responsibly in the work of shaping this future for our region and for our planet.
Surfrider Foundation - Pacific Rim Chapter
The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the
protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network. Surfrider fights for plastic reduction, ocean protection, beach access, coast & climate health, and clean, accessible water for all. We bring local knowledge together with national experts in law, policy, and science
Thornton Creek Enhancement Society
Thornton Creek Enhancement Society is a non-profit
organization dedicated to sustaining and building salmon stocks in Barkley Sound and facilitating educational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.
Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation
Tribal Parks Allies
We uphold the ƛaʔuukʷiʔatḥ Nation's relationships and responsibilities within the web of life that exists here – and use these teachings to guide, balance, and inform newcomers' influences. ƛaʔuukʷiʔatḥ Tribal Parks Guardians tend to the Intergenerational Gardens, which include the largest intact ancient coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island.
Tofino Community Enrichment Society
Tofino Community Enrichment Society (TCES) is working to
build and maintain tight-knit and vibrant community life. We are currently working to support a major renovation at the Clayoquot Sound Theatre, to transform it into an artistic hub, able to host a wider variety of professional performances and community activities!
Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society
The Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society is a non-profit
organization that was formed by a group of volunteers in 1985. Our mission is to address the diminishing salmon returns in several rivers in Clayoquot Sound. In addition to our enhancement goals, we operate three "Salmon in the Classroom" projects in two of the local schools.
Ucluelet Aquarium Society
The Ucluelet Aquarium Society (UAS) operates a collect
and release aquarium, the first of its kind in Canada. With hands-on exhibits and an informative team, the UAS works to build connections between visitors and the ecosystems they live in and explore.
Westcoast Community Resources Society
The Westcoast Community Resources Society is a
non-profit organization which believes that every person in the community should have access to resources to enhance and improve their well-being. We empower and support all members of our communities to move beyond systemic barriers, violence, and abuse through the provision of safe shelter, education, and counseling services.
West Coast Multiplex Society
Building a health, wellness, and recreational facility at the
heart of eight growing west coast communities to serve multi-generational families. The project will feature an arena, pool and potential subsequent phases/amenities centrally located on the traditional territory of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, a unique partnership between the Districts of Tofino and Ucluelet, Long Beach Area C and the First Nations communities of Ahousaht, Toquaht, Yuułuiłath, Tla-o-qui-aht and Hesquiaht. The West Coast Multiplex is an ideal facility for uniting families and communities.
Wild Pacific Trail Society
The Wild Pacific Trail Society is a registered non-profit
organization that connects people to Nature with in-person guided walks and events. We promote and protect a spectacular coastal trail network, where the temperate rainforest meets the ocean, that is accessible to everyone and showcases the natural and cultural treasures of the Ucluth Peninsula.

Community Funds

Clayoquot Sound Wild Salmon Fund
The Clayoquot Sound Wild Salmon Fund supports salmon enhancement, stock rebuilding and recovery initiatives as prioritized within the Clayoquot Sound Salmon Recovery Plan. Each year funds are directed towards local habitat restoration, stewardship, education, research and monitoring led by local organizations and researchers within the watershed of Clayoquot Sound (Fisheries Management Area 24).
Clayoquot Sustainability Fund
The Clayoquot Sustainability Fund supports projects in the areas of education, protection, and conservation of the natural ecosystems in the Clayoquot Biosphere Region. Tofino Resort + Marina contributes revenue alongside guests who contribute 1% of all resort, adventure and marina purchases.
Debbie Mundy Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Debbie Mundy Memorial Scholarship will be given to an Indigenous student(s) each time CBT hosts Leadership Vancouver Island in the region so they can participate in this accredited 10-month community leadership program.
nuučaan̓uł (Nuu-chah-nulth) Language Revitalization Fund
The Nuu-chah-nulth Language Revitalization Fund supports nuučaan̓uł (Nuuchahnulth) language revitalization within the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region. This includes the nuučaan̓uł Languages of hiškʷiiʔatḥ (Hesquiaht First Nation), ʕaaḥuusʔatḥ (Ahousaht), ƛaʔuukʷiʔatḥ (Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations), Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ (Ucluelet First Nation), and tukʷaaʔatḥ (Toquaht Nation).
Pacific Rim Foundation Fund
The Pacific Rim Foundation Fund provides an annual grant to the Pacific Rim Foundation for the purpose of providing student scholarships and bursaries to residents of the Pacific Rim Region.
Tofino Children's Swimming and Water Safety Fund
This fund supports swimming lessons for all students at Wickaninnish Community School and other elementary students in Clayoquot Sound. The fund supports travel and other costs related to swimming and water safety lessons for students.
Tofino Community Fund
The Tofino Community Fund supports and enriches life for those living in Tofino. This community-specific endowment fund allows donors to provide lasting support for community needs.
Warrior Program Fund
The purpose of the Fund is to support the Nuu-chah-nulth Warrior Program to provide resources and training opportunities in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region that support healthy youth development and empowerment and to enable youth to travel for Nation to Nation training opportunities.

CBT Program Funds

Biosphere Centre Fund
The Biosphere Centre Fund supports the establishment of a permanent home for the CBT to deliver programs and projects. The Biosphere Centre will be a central place for convening the region to achieve our vision of living sustainably in a healthy ecosystem, with a diversified economy and strong, vibrant and united cultures.
Biosphere Research Fund
The Biosphere Research Fund supports local research that addresses marine and terrestrial ecosystem threats with the goal to identify opportunities for increased management and protection of unique coastal ecosystems.
Eat West Coast
Eat West Coast aims to help local communities and organizations develop effective, community-based responses to food-access challenges and increase the understanding of healthy, affordable food choices. EWC builds partnerships across organizations and communities to support local priorities and increase local capacity.
Empowering Youth
The Empowering Youth fund supports CBT youth initiatives including our "youth-led youth granting committee" composed of local high school students who solicit project ideas from their peers and make funding decisions to support initiatives at school and in the community.
Leadership Vancouver Island
Leadership Vancouver Island (LVI) is a community-focused, values-based leadership development program that aims to inspire and build capacity for outstanding leadership, learning, and service. The west coast chapter is focused on the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Region and its communities.
Neighbourhood Small Grants
Neighbourhood Small Grants provide up to $500 for people who want to make our communities better, more inclusive places to live. Any individual can apply, making this CBT's most grass-roots, accessible granting areas.
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West Coast NEST
The West Coast N.E.S.T. fund supports higher education, capacity building and education tourism programs in the Biosphere Region.